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An ideal resolution to our extreme reactivity today must magically restore a moderate sense of balance. Thankfully, the Libra Moon encourages us to believe that equanimity is obtainable. However, inflated thinking is likely while cerebral Mercury squares overblown Jupiter. Meanwhile, our feelings are raw with intensity now that sensual Venus fuses with volcanic Pluto. Communication is the key that prevents uncertainty from hijacking our confidence.

You collect an impressive array of friends and acquaintances. Luckily, you seem to have no trouble remembering where you met them and what they’re all about. However, you tend to outsource a bit too much when it comes to personal integration. Secure your base of operations. Figure out the common denominator in your social world. Give yourself some credit, and fortify your identity, outside of being defined by who you know. You are the glue that keeps your community together.


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