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✌🏻 Reading Of The Day 👌🏻

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

A sense of loneliness or alienation could catch us off guard, especially if we thought that all was well. Sweet Venus squares austere Saturn, placing real or imagined obstacles on the path to satisfaction. Anger comes and goes as the changeable Gemini Moon joins combative Mars. But we are left with a feeling of uncertainty because the source of our malaise is nearly impossible to find while Mars forms supernatural septiles with Saturn and Uranus.

There’s a reason you are drawn toward steady and even patterns today. If you spy a dynamic that is off center or an item in the wrong place, you can’t rest until you restore balance. Your charming sincerity ensures an almost ironclad guarantee that others will feel magically compelled to assist in your efforts to bring order to any hint of chaos you happen across. Trusting synchronicity can lead you to where your talents are needed most.


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