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🌺 Reading Of The Day 🌼

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Our lives seem to be moving so fast that we can’t get anywhere at all. The Moon's shift into active Aries at 6:23 am EDT prompts us to respond to circumstances before thinking about the consequences. But hot Mars forms an uneasy connection with cold Saturn -- one planet says go while the other says no. Meanwhile, a Mercury-Mars sextile indicates talk is cheap. Conversations alone won’t help while loquacious Mercury squares restrictive Saturn.

It’s understandable for debate to grow intense when controversial issues are discussed. Tension often escalates at any meeting where changes are suggested or specifics hashed out. But surprise is the name of the game when talks move in an unusual direction today. Timid voices are loud. The conventional thinkers float far-out alternatives. Up looks like down and down looks like up. In fact, the eye-openers might be so plentiful that it’s difficult to keep track of them all. Communication is everything but dull when your ideas are so bright.


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