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Before you grow, you have to purge. Deep cleaning includes all the usually overlooked spaces, like a basement or attic. Although you may not live in a dwelling that has either of those, everyone has facets of their lives where they keep things tucked away in symbolic ways. You unlock long-closed doors, clear away cobwebs, and discard any traits or possessions that no longer fit in your life. When you liberate yourself from your past, you are free to design your future.

Being yourself is a highly addictive habit. Once you get over others’ opinions of you, you can have a blast simply revealing your genuine individuality. You still love reflecting the motley characters you assemble around you, and entertaining them in the process. Each person adds a colored thread to your tapestry, but that tapestry -- and how you weave it -- is all yours. You are a social maestro, and right now is your time to be on center stage. Dance to the music in your mind.


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