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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣⁣⁣

Clarity continues to return as cerebral Mercury blasts into impulsive Aries, releasing us from its prolonged trudge through the murky waters of Pisces. We are more concerned now with the present moment than dreams of the past. But we still need to weigh our thoughts against those of everyone else once the reflective Moon shifts into diplomatic Libra at 7:21 am EDT. There is much to be learned from debate with others while the Moon opposes Mercury.

You might feel like a mind reader at times today, especially when that certain someone is around. Use your ability to pick up on subtle cues as an asset, but don’t go overboard by reading too much into what you don’t know for sure. Dishing the kind of feedback or support that you personally find meaningful could miss the mark for the person you’re trying to assist. Although putting yourself in his or her shoes can be enlightening, your positive influence is most appreciated when expressed with empathy. Let your compassion be your guide.


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