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🃏 Reading Of The Day 🃏

Fact and fiction are engaged in a battle for supremacy as logical Mercury tangos with surreal Neptune. However, the waxing Moon slips into precision-oriented Virgo at 9:46 am EST, reminding us to recheck our data one more time. The Virgo Full Moon opposes the dreamy Pisces Sun at 10:53 am, inviting a wider range of possible cosmic scenarios. Fortunately, a methodical Mercury-Saturn sextile brings the intellectual tools we need to identify the truth.

Confusion interrupts your typical flow and you’re not sure what to do with yourself today. Your uncertainty might be overwhelming while the timid Virgo Full Moon is busy whirring in your 12th House of Endings. The path to closure often unleashes brain fatigue. Although you may be hesitant to let something go, it is time to reach a decision that only you can make. Actor Orson Welles said, “If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story.”


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