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🥳🤩 Reading Of The Day 🤗😎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We have to hold onto the bright side as much as possible. The emotional Moon works with expansive Jupiter, increasing joy and adding a dose of luck. Unfortunately, once the Moon squares confusing Neptune later this morning, we might lose sight of our earlier optimism. Luna looks for comfort as she enters her home sign of Cancer. That said, she also struggles with deep Pluto, making things seem worse or more intense than they really are. Don't let fears block out the blessings.

A single boo might be louder than many cheers today. Someone in your midst may be a hidden enemy or unsupportive of your goals, seeking to rain on your parade. You probably have tons of people on your side, but it can still be hard to hear their encouragement over loud negativity from one source. Falling into insecurity and shrinking into the shadows could tempt you, but standing proud will be better in the long run. Don't give the haters any satisfaction!


Photo Credit: Natalie Shau ❤️

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