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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏⁣

We are resigned to work through unresolved interpersonal dynamics, but it might require superhuman intentions and an unrelenting commitment. The moody Cancer Moon complicates matters by running us through a wide gamut of feelings while a stressful connection between assertive Mars and potent Pluto push us into uncomfortable territory. Thankfully, a no-nonsense Saturn-Venus sextile enables us to put long-term satisfaction over short-term distractions.

You long for balance between your public activities and private affairs. But more than being simply an idealistic yearning, your desire for equilibrium can be a legitimate need. If your schedule is lopsided on either extreme over a prolonged period, you could become antsy in all sorts of ways. Take conscientious steps that respect alignment. Glorious spotlight and rich solitude in equal doses are healthy for body, mind, and the vitality of your outlook. Think yin and yang for the best results.


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