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🌸 Reading Of The Day 🌺

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Although we may be intent on keeping our emotions to ourselves today, it becomes increasingly difficult to remain silent on a troubling issue. The inner-focused Cancer Moon encourages self-reflection rather than expression. Nevertheless, talkative Mercury in directionless Pisces gains power as it moves toward a late-night square to expansive Jupiter. We might have nothing important to say, yet ramble on endlessly without ever approaching our goal.

No one can give you a pep talk that’s quite as effective as the one you can give yourself. If a change in the tide stirs up any feelings of self-doubt or trepidation today, take an extra moment to gather your composure. Deep down you know that big challenges bring out the best of your ambitious nature. You’re secretly energized by the prospect of transforming, “Maybe I can’t” into “I think I can,” to best of all, “I knew I could.” Get out there and do it like a boss. Confidence is the companion of success.


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