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😍 Reading Of The Day 🥰

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Powerful cosmic winds can fill our sails or blow us off course. The adaptable Gemini Moon opposes giant Jupiter, turning every little idea into a significant project. Although a dreamy Venus-Sun hookup heightens our fantasies, we must make an important decision, nonetheless. Thankfully, our thinking is sound while cerebral Mercury receives help from relentless Pluto. We grow less certain once the Moon sneaks into cautious Cancer at 11:31 pm EDT.

Prepare to do your best juggling act today. Trust in your ability to successfully tend to all that needs to be accomplished. By building the perfect rhythm into your schedule, you can avoid non-essentials that threaten to throw off the synchronization necessary for maintaining smooth motion. But there’s no reason to fret about any little glitches when you’re fully capable of handling them so adeptly that no onlooker even notices. It’s your show, so do it your way. Never let them see you sweat.


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