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💋 Reading Of The Day 🤭

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Deeply hidden emotions may come to the surface today. We reflect on what needs refinement as transformative Pluto enters its retrograde period in Capricorn this afternoon, where it will stay until October 8, 2022. When headstrong Luna in Aries squares Retrograde Pluto, we may dig our heels in to avoid transformation. Quick Mercury traveling into its home sign of Gemini encourages us to embrace change, while the Moon moving into steady Taurus highlights security, helping us to balance both things.

A relationship that you're a part of may be unbalanced now. All sorts of relationships, from friends and family members to professional partners and significant others, can be affected by this energy. One of you might be putting in far more effort than the other, creating a stressful dynamic that is likely unsustainable for both of you. Find a way to make sure that the burdens are shared, so that you don't wonder how one of you ended up exhausted with the other.


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