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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The dream world competes with the real world today. We start with the optimistic Sagittarius Moon nudging realistic Mercury, which can force us to take another look at projects we thought were flawless before. The Moon squaring dreamy Neptune can heighten our intuition, but lower our awareness of reality. Once Luna squares boundless Jupiter, we'll receive an opportunity to embrace wisdom, but we could still struggle to focus. The Moon finally moves into sturdy Capricorn later tonight, providing a much more grounded energy.

You could be thinking yourself into a corner. The perfect map of your whole life doesn't exist, but you may get stuck trying to create it anyways, possibly thinking about it to the point of obsessing. Put any plans down for a moment and ask yourself if they're taking over more of your life than they should be. Even if doing this is something that you enjoy, make sure you're not living your whole life thinking about the future and missing the present.


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