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🧐 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Baby steps can get us moving down the path to lasting results. We should try to slow down as the proud Leo Moon squares erratic Uranus, so we don't trip on our egos when we're speeding through our thoughts. The Moon trines the headstrong Sun in Aries, providing potentially too much confidence in any unrealistic ideas. Once the Moon opposes demanding Saturn later tonight, the confidence we had earlier might dissipate. The key is to stay grounded and avoid any wild storms of emotion.

Misinformation can lead you down the wrong path today. Something that you've heard from other people may cause you to slip up, so make sure that you're not quoting anyone without the source material handy! Fair sources might be the only way to prove your credibility with someone. Even though you weren't purposefully trying to lead anyone down the wrong path, others might not trust your judgment in the future if you debate with them from the wrong side of the argument now.


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