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🤗 Reading Of The Day 🥰

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We start off slowly and methodically today, build momentum, and eventually find ourselves moving so fast we wish we weren’t in such a hurry. The plodding Taurus Moon enables us to maintain our center of gravity. But magical lunar aspects to artsy Venus and imaginative Neptune heighten our sense of creativity. Common sense quickly fades once the Moon enters restless Gemini at 5:15 pm EDT, distracting us with one new possibility after another.

The difference that one day can make is amazing. The way things were when you fell asleep last night could be very different from how they are this morning. New information is available. People come and go. Updated equipment becomes accessible. Or maybe the tide is shifting, taking your priorities in a fresh direction, too. Whatever the specifics, the theme of contrast picks up more and more steam throughout the day. The future is drawing you forward and there’s no reason to wait.


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