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🤩 Reading Of The Day 🥳

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The cobwebs are being shaken off today! The emotional Taurus Moon squares calculating Saturn in Aquarius, forcing us to look at the way things have always been done and decide if the emotional outcome of these methods is worth it. The Moon trine destructive Pluto in Capricorn gives us the ability to break down stagnancy, and innovative Mars in Aquarius conjoins with Saturn later this evening, motivating us to create a better system. Once the Moon enters problem-solving Gemini, we can make real progress.

An old standby, such as a past comfort zone or childhood habit, might be retired at any moment. While this can feel unfamiliar, growth is meant to feel this way…like realising you've outgrown a shoe that used to be your favorite. You're not meant to stay the same person for your whole life! It's OK when things that bring you comfort and joy evolve with you. Thank your past self and let go of anything from their life that you don't enjoy anymore.


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