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👀 Reading of The Day 👀

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Saying what's on our hearts can heal us today, even if it's painful. Communicative Mercury conjoins healing Chiron in passionate Aries, allowing us to express our raw thoughts. With the emotional Moon squaring destructive Pluto afterward, an emotional fallout may follow this cathartic moment. Once the Moon moves into gentle Taurus, emotions will likely temper. Finally, the headstrong Sun conjoins Mercury in Aries later this evening, helping us think clearly about where our passions lie. If it matters to you, then it's important!

Too many cooks in the kitchen can spoil the meal at the moment. You might be receiving input from several different sources, and each one thinks that they know what's best for you. It can be overwhelming to try to sift through all of this information, so remind yourself that you don't have to take everyone's advice, especially if people are contradicting each other. Do your best to tune in to your inner voice and let any distracting chatter fade into the background.


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