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🌚 Reading Of The Day 🌝

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We can take a more pragmatic approach to our emotions at this time. The Moon is gliding through cerebral Aquarius, and she'll form one potent conjunction after another, aligning with heated Mars, romantic Venus, and stern Saturn all before noon. While these angles can leave us feeling bounced around like a pinball game, a major conjunction between Venus and Saturn will take the wheel later today. When these two come together, we can finally pursue our passions with eyes wide open.

Your Muse may lead you down some intriguing paths at this time. Beautifying Venus is coming together with hard-working Saturn in your 5th House of Self-Expression and Creativity, giving you a lovely boost of energy. Do something to let your artistic side out to play, because Venus wants to ensure that whatever you create will be pleasing, while Saturn can help it withstand the test of time. In the end, whatever this project is could benefit you for many years to come.


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