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😊💋 Reading Of The Day 😎🤩

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Today is about trying to keep the peace wherever possible. As bonding Venus sextiles idealistic Neptune later this morning, we can expect a tolerant and relaxed atmosphere, though some of us might struggle when it comes to being practical. Later in the day, we could be thrown for a loop when thinking Mercury squares surprising Uranus. A bit of flexibility should help, but making some conversational blunders probably won't be the disaster we might fear. We just need to be prepared to backtrack!

A few luxuries at home can make you feel good today. Whether it's something extra nice for dinner or a scented candle, a boost to your surroundings can be a boost for you! However, try not to get carried away -- more isn't necessarily better. You could easily create bother for yourself by saying something that comes out rude, even though you didn't intend that. As long as you explain yourself and apologise if need be, you aren't likely to suffer any real damage.


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