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🤩 Reading Of The Day 😇

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Ordinary activities may take on more importance than usual. Our perception is heightened as the thoughtful Moon in Cancer sends vibes to visionary Neptune and powerful Pluto today. When the Full Moon strikes, things could get emotional! It might become apparent that the rigid structures of our lives need to soften to work with the humans who live in them. Near the end of the day, the Moon enters flamboyant Leo, eager to help us recognise each other as unique individuals.

Drama at home could engross you right now, to the point it might surprise you that the outside world isn't as caught up in it as you are. Whether you want control or someone else is pushing you around, getting a different perspective may be quite helpful. Ask yourself how the actions of everyone involved would be perceived in another context, like professional life. Although home can be a place to relax boundaries, that doesn't mean there shouldn't be any boundaries at all.


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