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🥰 Reading Of The Day 😎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Some powerfully positive energy is moving us along at a breakneck pace today, but that doesn't mean we have to hurry up in order to enjoy it. The gentle Moon spends the first part of the day in Libra and will form a beautiful trine to generous Jupiter in Aquarius this afternoon, before helping us focus once she slips into Scorpio. Jupiter will be shifting as well -- this lucky planet moves into Pisces this evening, making the next five months quite fantastical.

Becoming more organized might not sound very fun, but it'll definitely work to your advantage right now and in the future. Today, limitless Jupiter enters your 6th House of Work and Routine for roughly five months, giving you a wonderful boost to get your life in order and show how efficient you are. This could equal a new health initiative, a better day-to-day routine, or more hours at the office -- however you want to use this, it should have delightful results!


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