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🌻 Reading Of The Day 🌸

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Try as we might, it'll be impossible for us to stick our heads in the sand today and disappear. Messenger Mercury is coming into a beautiful alignment with opportunistic Jupiter, encouraging us to use our voices and speak out. Our intentions can then manifest powerfully when the Full Moon in Pisces occurs later today. The Moon will shift into pioneering Aries late at night, setting the stage for future actions and giving us the drive to bring about a new world.

It's time to get your life in order. If you've let things fall by the wayside, make a point to remember those resolutions you made at the start of the year and do what you can to get back on track. If it's a healthier diet, paying better attention to your mental health, or just engaging in some routine cardio, then it's a good idea to get started now. You're being encouraged to become the best version of yourself, whoever that might be.


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