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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Not every accomplishment needs to be broadcast to the entire world. Our egos and hearts are more in tune with each other as the emotional Moon trines the confident Sun. However, we must be open to change, since the Moon’s sextile to revolutionary Uranus insists on inner growth. While we might be proud of this change, we could speak too soon and jinx our progress when the Moon squares communicative Mercury.

Let the world wait on our good news.

Your loyalties may be changing, even if you’re not prepared to move on just yet. Someone you admire could hold opinions that you don’t share, and this can be difficult to reconcile, especially if you feel you have a moral obligation to this opinion. Even after questioning them, this person might insist on a point of view that sours your perception of them. Potential for growth may be there, but recognize that they will have to make it real with true change.



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