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🥳 Reading Of The Day 😍

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

There’s a flurry of energy early this morning as the intuitive Moon spins through the last few degrees of stubborn Taurus, and while she’s there she will square off against Jupiter, creating a bit of a bang when we’re least expecting it. It will be easier to get in gear once the Moon shifts into Gemini, acting like a cosmic caffeine boost. The day can take a productive turn in the afternoon as messenger Mercury aligns with karmic Saturn, so it’s a great day to make long-lasting plans.

There’s a creative vibration coming your way, encouraging you to unleash your inner artist. If you don’t think of yourself as artistic, think of it as unleashing your inner child and giving it free rein to do as it pleases for the day. Instead of holding yourself up to high expectations, you can be a little bit messy, a little bit wild, and a little bit loud, just for the fun of it. You shouldn’t cause a scene, but you should assert your individuality.


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