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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We become actively engaged in revolutionary change as the Sun meets up with innovative Uranus. What's more, the Moon is fueled by expansive Jupiter, sending us confidently in the direction of our dreams. In the evening, though, when the Moon challenges touchy Mars, we feel the hard parts of trying something new. If we want to change anything except THAT, undoubtedly someone we know has an eye on just THAT. Attachment challenges everyone, even the confident people.

You might want to assertively pursue your professional ambitions today, but you feel constrained by what your family needs from you at home. The way out for you may involve looking for innovative ways to merge resources with others. Perhaps someone else who is in a situation similar to yours could collaborate with you. The best collaborator may turn out to be someone you would not expect, so think outside the box and you might be able to make it work.



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