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⭐️ Reading Of The Day ✨

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We have quiet determination to unravel what blocks us today, but deciding what to do with what we learn will be more challenging. The intense Moon in Scorpio makes a sextile with powerful Pluto, giving us focus to work productively on tasks that are otherwise intimidating. We get on a roll and even feel grandiose as the Moon squares larger-than-life Jupiter. But Luna then enters Sagittarius, challenging Mars to an awkward conflict between freedom and sensitivity, so some answers may have to wait.

You can really nail down the numbers if you focus on the financial component of home and family matters today. You might discover that you have more resources than you expected, though double-check that anything extra you find is real. Using this information may be harder than acquiring it, as you could then feel constrained in speaking your piece due to your place within your family. The numbers speak louder than anyone’s ego, so truth will win eventually, even if it takes a while.


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