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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Our pace of life slows down and becomes more relaxed once the Sun enters sensual Taurus. Intellectual Mercury also enters Taurus today, making our thoughts slow and steady. Still, we will have plenty to think about as the sensitive Moon in Cancer makes a stressful opposition to manipulative Pluto in the evening, bringing up issues of power and control. Taurus' energy is grounded in the physical world, and that may be just the thing to turn down the emotional temperature.

You feel like you cannot please everyone in a conflict between work and family today. You are trying to move forward with your ambitions, but someone needs you at home. You need to clarify your actual shared responsibilities, because at least one person involved in the situation has expectations that are not in line with reality. Whether the error in perception is on your end or the other person’s, the truth will set you free, so insist on digging it up.



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