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💋 Reading Of The Day 🥳

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

There’s a reason that we have the gas pedal and the brake pedal in a car: we need them both! While this sounds like an obvious statement, the sensitive Moon's opposition with expanding Jupiter today makes us feel like we can step on the gas around the clock. But once the Moon moves into detail-oriented Virgo, we'll want to step on the brakes and look at where we’re really heading. We need to take off our blinders and look honestly at our options.

You could easily trigger a reaction if you’re speaking carelessly to your coworkers or friends, as everyone is feeling extra sensitive today. You’ll need to be careful with your words, especially in the workplace. Even with good rumors, you may not want to tell everyone right away, because it’s likely to end in disappointment if it’s not properly recounted. Wait until you have confirmation that your positive news is sure to materialize, then feel free to share it with the world.


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