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👁👁 Reading Of The Day 🌸🌼

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The darker, edgier side of life is appealing today, intriguing us and revealing what we never knew was beneath the surface. The emotional Moon's trine to investigative Pluto inspires us to unearth the hidden side of ourselves -- everything that people don’t often talk about. The Moon then trines brave Mars, giving us the will to stand up for what we feel and believe in. Once the Moon enters harmonious Libra, our convictions begin to soften and we’ll be more willing to compromise.

The past is seeping into the present and your feelings are coming to the surface, but someone or something may be hindering your opportunity for vulnerability. It’s okay to keep your feelings to yourself if you’re not comfortable opening up to the people you’re around, but remember that this is a day to be brave despite your worries and to power through fearfulness with authenticity. Security must come from within, and you can trust yourself to go on with confidence even if others don’t respect your personal truth.


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