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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Living with others in harmony feels like a breeze today as the universe is supporting emotional freedom and goodwill. The luminaries are getting along swimmingly, with the gentle Moon in nurturing Cancer forming an easy trine to the confident Sun. Our outer selves and inner selves are connected now and sharing our emotions is easier than normal. When the Moon moves into a sextile with changeable Uranus, we see welcome financial changes flowing in and the whole world breathing a sigh of relief.

You are blessed with productivity today and can make the most of it by devoting quality focus and care to your career or hobbies. Other people will be happy to support you in your financial efforts, so don't be shy about accepting a helping hand. You may receive a surprise surplus of money in the form of a gift or a refund which will come as a relief and motivate you to tap more of this fortunate energy.



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