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😇 Reading Of The Day 🥳

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The communal energy in the air is electric today. When mental Mercury forms a tense square with warrior Mars, our drive to protect our cultural legacy and traditions wrestles with our need to move forward into the future. What is holding us back and what are we rushing into too quickly? We must consider what’s best for everyone as the harmonious Moon forms conjunctions with realistic Saturn, fair Venus, and philosophical Jupiter, all in collective Aquarius. Expect to end the day on an optimistic note!

You may need to lay some boundaries today or else you'll end the day fully drained. It will probably feel like people in your life are clamoring for your attention from hour to hour, which will run you ragged. You will need to decide for yourself what you can and cannot give, and be firm. Do show up for the people that you’re able to show up for, just don’t make promises that you can’t keep.


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