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⚖️ Reading Of The Day 😎

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The lens through which we see the world is transforming. The structures of our inner lives are in focus as the introspective Moon moves through Capricorn, and her sextile to dreamy Neptune today allows us to imagine a better way of living internally. Luna's conjunction to metamorphic Pluto then helps us to work through our sentimental attachments to old ideas and set them free so we can build a new outlook. Once the Moon enters brilliant Aquarius, we’ll be ready to debut our new viewpoint to the world.

Emotional discipline is an asset of yours, but you may be building toward a blow-up... Although you’re good at holding yourself together, it can be exhausting to have to do so all the time. Just because you suppress these emotions doesn’t mean that they go away... Find a way to channel these hidden responses into exercise or creativity. Sometimes it’s not easy to explain how you feel in words, even to yourself, so an energetic outlet can help.


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