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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The Moon is especially active right now as she dives into deep-feeling Scorpio. Throughout the day she will form no less than half a dozen alignments to various planets in the sky, and there is nothing simple about this for anyone -- especially since most of these alignments will be tough ones. The lone exception to this is a harmonious sextile with romantic Venus, so even if life does get difficult, you can still find pockets of pleasure.

Money matters might be a little confusing today, so you'd be smart to keep a firm grip on your wallet. Instead of browsing websites or storefronts, how about browsing your bank account and making sure everything is on the up and up? There is a good chance you might find a discrepancy or some way of cutting a few corners to save some cash. Doing a little financial detective work now will pay off down the road.



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