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👑 Reading Of The Day 🌹

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We may sink into fantasies once the Moon floats into dreamy Pisces at 10:47 am EDT. However, we might not enjoy our reverie for long because Luna forms an argumentative square with pushy Mars just a couple of hours later. Nevertheless, some disagreements turn out to be nothing more than distractions, so it’s crucial to pick our battles carefully. Fortunately, if an issue persists, we can address it tomorrow with less anger and more understanding.

Karma works its magic in unusual ways. Sometimes cause-and-effect undercurrents are easy enough for the observant eye to notice, but many times they seem to manifest through mystery or disguise. Tune in with a deeper level of perception today, and what is perceived can be enlightening. A subtle thread that traces from the past and into the present could be aglow with special meaning. A quiet, pensive mindset invites fuller understanding. Force nothing. Insight shows up only on its own schedule.


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