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✨ Reading Of The Day 🎄

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We will desperately try to describe what is real, but it's more likely that we'll dissolve into fantasy and illusion today. That's because Mercury enters pragmatic Capricorn, while the sensitive Moon conjuncts imaginative Neptune shortly thereafter. In fact, we may notice how what we say is different from how we're feeling. When we try to express something serious, it could end up coming out with fantastic flair. We should invite in our daydreams and explore solid explanations for why our thoughts are flowing the way they are. Nothing is without reason.

Your emotions could open up new pathways to your soul, unlocking parts of you that have been hidden or dissatisfactions that have been eating away at you. Dissolve any unhelpful boundaries you have built up, especially those regarding the work you do or how you spend your time. With Mercury moving into your House of Personal Security, you now have the ability to tap into what it is you really need in life to feel whole. Meld practical self-analysis with this growing understanding of your ideals to illuminate which path you should go down.


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