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🦋 Reading Of The Day 🌸

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The seeds of new structures are being planted today...ones that will help to maintain life and society. Our attention falls to the big issues as logical Saturn moves into revolutionary Aquarius. This major transit is followed by the sensitive Moon also entering Aquarius, then moving into a conjunction with Saturn. Our emotional walls are likely to go up to cope with the pressure. This is a day we should strongly envision the future we want to grow.

Your approach to life takes on a serious tone today, with responsibilities and tasks occupying your thoughts rather than socializing and having fun. You can apply your highly disciplined mindset to get things accomplished; follow your instincts if you feel something requires extra time or attention to reach perfection. Your focus is on quality, placing higher expectations on yourself to achieve results. Though you may find it easy to suppress your emotions now, don’t work too hard to keep them locked’s about balance more than anything else.


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