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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Fiery energy fuels our day as the vibrant Sun trines driven Mars, stimulating our desire to stand out. Being ourselves becomes an important ambition to accomplish, and one that we fight for with intensity. A wild card is thrown into the mix, however, when the moody Moon opposes electrifying Uranus. This brings our actions into alignment with the truth contained in our higher mind. In this powerful moment, we should fearlessly embrace self-expression.

You are driven to discuss challenging or confrontational topics with more intensity today. Empower yourself to vocalise your insecurities in order to get your needs better met. There is extra support now when speaking your truth and embracing the reality of your current circumstances; a rawness is present in you that can open new pathways of understanding. Explore the ways you express loyalty and devotion to your own self as you work to align with your beliefs, values, and reasons for being.



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