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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Determined to see things go the way we want, we are more assertive in our approach toward others today. The emotive Moon forms a square to relentless Mars, creating complex webs of interactions. Once a decision is made, it becomes harder for us to change our minds. Everyone seems to want to take the lead today and ground into a sense of purpose. Feeling empowered and fierce, we are ready to protect ourselves and those we love.

Developing your sense of self is important to you today. There's a special refinement to the way you express yourself now and you are well positioned to stand out amongst your peers. When you embrace a sense of personal confidence, you are able to turn your focus toward others and share generously in ways that really count. Giving doesn't always have to mean some grand gesture -- life is actually laced with sweetness when you start noticing the little things.



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