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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

It can be harder to express how we feel with words early in the day as the heartfelt Moon is in the end degrees of Taurus, yet we can easily express ourselves through actions. While the Moon completes two trines to magnanimous Jupiter and practical Saturn we can be our best selves if we rise to the occasion and give back to others. Luna then enters Gemini, making it easier to communicate our feelings and giving us the freedom to harmonize our hearts with our heads.

You have the opportunity to put grudges behind you now. You will know which axe to bury by realizing which long-standing issues return to your mind again and again. You can’t hurt the person back who hurt you by lingering on this pain. In fact, the longer you let this resentment take root, the longer you allow this person to have control over you. If you’ve removed this person from your life, you don’t have to let them back in, but you do need to heal the wound on your heart.



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