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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Daydreams and concrete plans are meeting each other head-on and it’s up to us to marry the two. Nebulous Neptune turns direct in Pisces, giving us the opportunity to remove toxic habits and negative beliefs from our lives. This will be helpful as the sentimental Moon's trine to severe Pluto brings intense, emotional relationships to the forefront and asks us to acknowledge our fears or obsessions. Happily, intelligent Mercury's sextile to philosophical Jupiter helps us integrate what we’ve learned about ourselves into our new beliefs.

A change of scenery is coming your way and you are ready to do the work needed to help usher it in. You may find a new place to live or you might beautify your home by rearranging furniture or putting some art on the walls. You have no motivation to do the same everyday chores now, so give yourself the freedom to react creatively when inspiration strikes you. If you can express gratitude for your living space and treat it like your temple, peace and stability will flow in.



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