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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

It’s a day to connect, but it can be hard to maintain our identity in a crowd of loud voices. Sparks of tension are flying as the sensitive Moon squares chaotic Pluto, philosophical Jupiter, and critical Saturn throughout the day. We’re bound to meet with opinions that differ from ours and may have to maintain our footing in a confrontation by someone who disagrees with us. When the Moon enters Taurus, it’s easier to have a harmonious discussion. Come prepared with knowledge, kindness, and bravery.

If you feel too beholden to someone, consider whether the power dynamics in the relationship are even or not. Pay attention to the actions of the people in your life, and if they shut you down every time you try to contribute or it always feels like a one-sided conversation, you may be trying to make a connection with someone who’s uninterested in your mind. Some boundaries will need to be set if you realize that you’re bending over backwards while they’re unwilling to budge.



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