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💋 Reading Of The Day 💕

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We can expect boosted horsepower in our engines now, so let’s set ourselves up for success as the day begins. Wherever we decide to direct our personal focus will be amplified by the gentle Moon's supportive sextile to disciplined Saturn and her harmonious trine to the vibrant Sun. The Moon enters headstrong Aries, highlighting our strongest ambitions and giving us the energy that we need to blaze a trail. Let’s go for what we want without holding back!

Communication is highlighted for you, especially with your loved ones who aren’t fair-weather friends. Expect to receive good advice from someone close to you today, or you might receive a practical gift from them or they could help you with a project. The blessings that you receive will likely help you in ways that are necessary to everyday life, like clothing or food. Your gratitude and kindness in response to theirs will help your relationship blossom in ways you thought weren’t possible.


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