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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

The New Moon in transformational Scorpio, inviting us to make a fresh start and debut a new sense of self -- someone closer to who we truly want to be. The obsessive determination we feel now should be channeled into breaking negative mindsets. Once the Moon moves into idealistic Sagittarius mid-morning, our attention is pulled away from the past and pointed toward the future. Extra effort may be needed, though, when easygoing Venus' square to Pluto weakens the resolve we had earlier on.

You may be noticing the similarities and differences between yourself and members of your family now, and some of these realisations could be difficult. As a loving person who wants to bond with others, it can be hard to separate yourself and your beliefs from the people who you love and who raised you. However, the urge to change to a path that your family disapproves of can be very strong now, and you should expect some opposition if you do choose to rebel.



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