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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

There's major news in the cosmos as expansive Jupiter meets up with controlling Pluto, asking us to handle power, authority, or influence without going too far. The more powerful we are, the bigger the consequences of our actions. The emotional Moon's opposition to aggressive Mars could lead to butting heads with others, but self-righteousness or cruelty will be met with backlash. When the Moon joins amicable Venus this evening, our fiery tempers will be more under control but our desire for justice will be strong.

Your personal relationships and how you carry yourself with the people you care about will be a key issue today. If your alliances are balanced, then this will pass by without much fuss. However, if you’re in an unbalanced friendship or partnership, you may experience some turbulence between you and the other person in order to expose these cracks in the foundation. It is up to you whether or not you mend these relationships or choose to let them go, but whatever you decide, act with patience and kindness.



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