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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

There’s a thrilling energy in the air as the sensitive Moon enters warm and genuine Leo, then goes on to form a tense square with electric Uranus. We'll be feeling impulsive and eager to jump to conclusions, but if we can maintain our composure and breathe through our first thought, then we can begin to bring our dreams to fruition. This is a brave and powerful influence, but we must keep our egos in check and allow generosity to prevail.

You could be in the midst of an argument about money or intimacy today, and it may not even involve you. It's possible you will witness a breakup or a shocking secret revealed about someone else. If you learn a secret today, try to keep it, but pay attention to who’s telling you these secrets! It's possible your experience won't be so dramatic, though; this energy can also manifest as a personal change of heart. You may find that after learning some new information, you have changed sides on an issue.



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