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😘 Reading Of The Day 🥰

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Chances are we'll get what we want today, but perhaps not the way we wanted to get it. With the emotional Moon, exciting Mars, and alluring Venus all in their Cardinal home signs, it may be a struggle to stick to difficult projects or strict schedules as our minds drift toward thrills rather than practical life. When the Moon squares Mars, we may experience bold changes in attitude or passionate exchanges in an argument. Expect the unexpected, but don’t expect it to be quiet.

Your public persona or your career might clash with your personal relationships today. If you’re leading a bit of a double life right now between work and family, they may bleed into each other if you’re not careful. Alternatively, you may have a disagreement with your coworkers today if you wear your heart on your sleeve. Finances are favorable for you, especially investments, but your dealings with others might require some compromise. Play your cards close to your chest and you’ll keep the peace.


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