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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Our emotions sway like the wind as the sensitive and discerning Virgo Moon makes a few strong connections with its cosmic neighbors today. We awake to the Moon opposing confusion-inducing Neptune. It’s possible that misunderstandings with people and circumstances around us will result in hurt feelings. We may not be able to hold back how we feel as the Moon connects with exaggerating Jupiter and intense Pluto, but we'll feel more self-control once the Moon joins steady Saturn in the evening.

Kick up your feet and relax today as the moody Moon travels through your 12th House of Rest and Retreat. Recharge your batteries and be sure to put off any non-urgent tasks until tomorrow. Only activities that invoke calmness and help to soothe your soul should be done today. Reading a good book, treating yourself to a warm bubble bath, or spending time in nature while listening to an audiobook would aid in your cosmic rejuvenation. Write down any inspirational ideas that come to mind!



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