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✨ Reading Of The Day 💋

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Our final sleeping hours are filled with positive dreams as lucky Jupiter forms a smooth sextile to ethereal Neptune. When the Moon connects with the pleasant Libra Sun a few hours later, we wake up seeing life on the bright side and feeling a sense of balance. Luna then trines passionate Mars, boosting our energy and giving us the courage to assert ourselves in a positive manner. The day peaks with a sextile between communicator Mercury and loving Venus, putting us in touch with our feelings around love and friendship.

Today is a great day to enhance your morning routine! If you don’t have a morning routine, start by setting your alarm at least 30 minutes earlier than usual. If waking up will be tough, join a virtual morning meditation or yoga group to keep you accountable. From there, create a routine that feels good to you! From drinking coffee to making your bed or going for a run, whatever sets your day up for success is what you should do!


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