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💋 Reading Of The Day 😍

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

Our attentions turn toward home and family as the Moon enters soft and sensitive Cancer. If possible, we should prioritise taking care of everything on our to-do lists in the early morning because, as the day goes by, it will be harder to concentrate on anything but relaxing with loved ones. We’ll look forward to ending the day curled up on the couch with our favorite snack and a good, family-friendly show to watch.

You may feel driven to do your part to make the world a happier and more harmonious place today. Follow your social-justice-driven heart and join a cause that moves you. Your ability to see both sides of the coin will be helpful in strategising and finding solutions for current issues. If you aren’t ready for that step, spread joy in small ways by donating your time or money, or simply by paying for a coffee for the person behind you in line!


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