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😇 Reading Of The Day 💓

🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We are like creatures coming out of hibernation today as taskmaster Saturn turns direct at 11:11. All of our work projects, routines, schedules, and hierarchies have been reorganizing since the planet of structure went retrograde in May -- anything that gave us a sense of reliability, security, or predictability had to be reconceptualized. Today, a sense of order begins to return and the projects that have been beset with delays and cancellations will begin to move forward again. Expect some hiccups, however, as Mars harshly squares Saturn this afternoon.

Recent challenges and setbacks have caused you to look more deeply into what you need to feel secure, and today you will make an important breakthrough on this front. Repairs, renovations, and purchases on all home-related matters will be accomplished more easily from this day forward. It will also be easier to recognize which relationships and values bolster your sense of security and which do not. Interestingly, if there are any problems associated with your father or a father figure, they may also begin to clear up.



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