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🃏Reading Of The Day🃏

We feel a powerful need to be free as individuals today, especially when it comes to exploring new ideas and speaking our opinions. When the emotional Moon moves into eccentric Aquarius, we begin to respond to others individualistically, even unpredictably. Luna goes on to sextile wounded Chiron and square shocking Uranus and our reactions become explosive, especially if we perceive an encroachment upon our independence. Today, we want to feel free to speak our minds, and we promote open-mindedness in others as well.

You are taking the space to be yourself today and you may be highly experimental in your approach to any creative project. You are not interested in conforming to anyone’s expectations or social norms -- you may even express yourself in strikingly unusual ways, especially if you feel pressured to fall in line. Thinking outside the box is wonderful, but make sure that you are doing so as a means of authentic expression rather than just the sake of being different.



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